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User Code
The User Code identifies the subject to which the user is connected
Supply Code
The Supply Code identifies the users connected to the meter
Do you want to contact us? In this section you will find the Customer Service or Emergency Service numbers to report failures and emergencies on the public network, active every day, 24 hours a day. You can also see the contact channels via email. For all other channels you can always be updated by visiting our website.
The Supply Data shows the personal data of the contract holder, the delivery address, the type of tariff applied indicating even if the user is served by sewage and sewage.
Domestic Use Resident
In the case of DOMESTIC USE RESIDENT the number of members of the household is indicated. This will affect the consumption scales. This section shows the number of units served by the meter.
The counter number
The counter number is the counter identification number and can be engraved on the edge or inside the dial depending on the model.
Flow of the counter
Security deposit
This part shows the total amount of the security deposit that the user has paid or must pay to guarantee future payments
Here we find the total amount of the bill, the reference period and if it is consumption read or estimated according to average consumption. If the amount is negative it means that you will not have to pay, the credit can be directly credited to the c/c in case the bank domiciliation is active. Otherwise a refund may be requested through the appropriate form (request refund by bank transfer available on the website - forms)
The deadline for making the payment or contesting the bill. In this section you can check if the bank address is active and if payments are regular.
Fuel detail

You can better understand what your annual consumption is and how many reading attempts we will make in a year. If you want to have in invoice real consumption and not estimated, discover on the site or in the following pages of the bill how to do the self-reading.

In the table are indicated the dates of competence of the invoice and the readings , with the indication if it is an estimate, a reading or self-reading

Communications Section
A section dedicated to news! Here you will find all the information not to be missed about the integrated water service and communications of ARERA

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Sum summary
Detail: On this page we can find all the details of consumption that make up the bill: description of items, band, period, quantity, unit and taxable amount.

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Fees charged
Efficient service costs are covered by the bills. In fact, although the raw material, the water resource is public and free, to make it available is necessary a complex network of infrastructure composed of large aqueducts, from tanks and distribution networks whose construction and management is expensive. Not only that, the waste water discharged must be collected and purified before being returned to the environment, therefore they are conveyed through the sewers to the purifiers, complex plants and essential to protect the environment from pollution. This section shows the rates in force for your users determined by' ARERA.
Daily consumption of users
GRAPH OF AVERAGE DAILY CONSUMPTION. In this graph you can see your average daily consumption of the last months.
Bill Online
You can request to receive the bill in digital format, frame the qrcode and fill out the request. The service is being launched, it will be available soon!

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How to contact us
Do you want to go to the counter? Here you can find all the information to find the door closest to you and our email references
Information and ways to communicate the actual reading of your meter. The actual reading is recommended to have bills with readings detected and to keep consumption controlled.
how to pay?
Pay as you want: in this section you will find all the ways to pay the bill
Water quality
The water label of your home. Home water is safe and subject to continuous checks. On our site you can find the water analysis of your municipality of residence.
If you forget to pay a bill
In the "expiration" section on the first page you can find the current status of payments. Verify that you have paid all the amounts, otherwise here you will find all the indications on how to proceed.
Sustainability tips
Do you know that you can do a lot for the environment? You also find useful tips to improve your lifestyle and help the environment
If the value of your bill is high, you can request a free installment plan for the amount entered in the invoice.
Find out more

Some technical terms are not clear to you? ARERA provides citizens with the Atlas of the consumer, a large and thorough glossary to better understand the world of integrated water service.