Purification of the Brescia side of Lake Garda - Comparing solutions

Acque Bresciane opens a phase of information and listening to the stakeholders of the territory to illustrate the solutions identified for the new system of collection and purification of the Brescia side of Lake Garda and to collect doubts and questions to be transmitted to the bodies called to choose the hypothesis object of the Conference of Services. Three tables - dedicated to administrators, associations and technicians - to present the solutions where questions and requests for further investigation can emerge. The outcome of the tables and the contributions received will be formalized in a document that Acque Bresciane will send to the ATO as an integral part of the evaluations.

In this page Acque Bresciane makes available to the citizens the most significant documents of the path, and invites to participate to the working tables, which will be held in the next four weeks and will be video-recorded and published in this page.



On 16 June, Acque Bresciane delivered the new documentation requested by the Brescia Area Office:

  • the technical and economic feasibility project for the Lonato - Peschiera solution, complete with timetable
  • the updated time schedule for the Gavardo - Montichiari - Peschiera solution;
  • the report on the condition of the Toscolano Maderno - Torri del Benaco sublacustrades, drawn up at the end of the maintenance work on the deep water from March 2021.

The latter shows that the number and severity of bioconcretions have remained substantially unchanged since the 2020 inspections. Based on these findings and due to the delicate nature of the lake environment, a new Safety Plan was drawn up, based on the most modern international standards, providing for

  • the setting up of a permanent pontoon to reduce the time required for future interventions;
  • scheduling by the end of the year the next inspections, originally planned for spring 2022;
  • the drafting of a plan to replace the two sections most affected by the concretions with polyethylene material in the event of a resumption of the proliferation of the microorganisms responsible for the bioconcretions.

It should be noted that the sublacustrine pipelines from Toscolano Maderno to Torri del Benaco will in any case have to be decommissioned, since the Veronese shore collection and treatment scheme does not provide for the collection and treatment of effluent from the Brescia shore.

Technical and economic feasibility project


Verification of the state of conservation of the Toscolano Maderno - Torri del Benaco sublacustrine pipelines


In addition to the 2021 Technical and Economic Feasibility Project - Lonato Solution, sent to ATO on 16.06.2021, on 20.07.2021 Acque Bresciane sent the Architectural and Landscape Integration Study of the Lonato wastewater treatment plant, as already developed for the 2019 Project regarding the wastewater treatment plant located in Gavardo.

The architectural and landscape study of the Lonato water treatment plant foresees the realization of an agricultural park and a wetland open to the public, a didactic and agronomic research area, a co-working area and a sales point for products for local consumption.

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Table Participation

From April 26 to May 4, 5 online tables were held in which 85 mayors, association representatives, technicians and politicians participated.

Recordings of the meetings are available here.

Recordings of the tables:

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The project for a new collection and purification scheme for Lake Garda is the subject of a program agreement signed in 2017 between the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, the Lombardy Region and the Veneto Region. The agreement was followed in December 2017 by an operational Convention between the Ministry, the Regions, the Brescia Area Office, the Verona Basin Council and the Garda Ambiente temporary purpose association. The Convention established a Steering Committee composed of the same actors.

In 2018, Acque Bresciane commissioned a study from the University of Brescia, which was transmitted to ATO together with a technical and economic feasibility project in July 2019.

In February 2020, the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea established a technical panel to assess the environmental impacts of the new purification system on the Chiese River. The Ministry's final report declared the compatibility of the Chiese River with the possible discharge.

In response to the request received from Ato on December 17, 2020, to identify new location hypotheses in line with the Motion in order to update the 2020 Guidelines for the Provincial Special Company of the Province of Brescia Office Brescia approved by the Provincial Council on November 30, 2020, Acque Bresciane has deepened the evaluation of a new location for wastewater treatment.

This evaluation was sent to Ato on April 9, 2021, accompanied by a comparative analysis of the project option in 2019 and the new location.

As stated in the letter accompanying the documentation, Acque Bresciane undertakes to transmit to Ato as part of the documents the comments and proposals arising from the online working tables that will present the possible alternatives to stakeholders.


Memorandum of Understanding Ministry-Regions

9 pages to compare the solutions

20 pages to compare the solutions

Verification of the state of conservation of the Toscolano Maderno - Torri del Benaco sublacustrine pipelines


2019 Study


Technical table convened by the Cabina di Regia

Resolution of the Province

ATO letter

Assessment of new location scenarios - April 2021

Comparative analysis between project scenario and new alternative scenario - April 2021

Documentation cover letter - April 2021



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