Download the form or document that you need:

  • Self-declaration certifying qualification for a reduction on the household bill - download
  • Complaints, refunds and requests - download
  • Application for a refund due to leaking - download
  • Application for variation number on planning permission - download
  • Application for a refund via direct debit - download
  • Application for instalments - download
  • Act of notoriety - download
  • Act of notoriety - generic - download
  • Self-certification - download
  • Application of compensation for damages* - download
  • Account activation - download
  • Account termination - download
  • Request of estimate cost for connection - download
  • Free registration of transfer - download
  • Withdrawal of the authorization to debit the current account of the SEPA DIRECT DEBIT provision - download
  • Authorization to debit current accounts of SEPA CORE DIRECT DEBIT provisions - download

* To edit the form we suggest using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome; you will also need Acrobat Reader on your PC.