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Acque Bresciane is a young and growing company engaged in the management of the integrated water service in the Brescia area, which makes sustainability a value, but also the concrete work of every day, to be achieved through challenging objectives, measurable results and great transparency.

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Why choose Acque Bresciane?

Acque Bresciane is one of the Top Employers Italia 2022 certified companies. The Top Employers Certification is the official recognition of corporate excellence in Human Resources (HR) policies and strategies and their implementation to contribute to the well-being of people, improve the work environment and the world of work. Top Employers certification is awarded to companies that achieve and meet the high standards required by the HR Best Practices Survey. The Survey covers 6 macro areas in HR, examining and analysing in depth 20 different topics and their respective Best Practices, including people centricity, work environment, talent acquisition, training, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and many others. The Certification represents official recognition of Acque Bresciane's important and ongoing commitment to caring for its people.


Acque Bresciane wanted to define its own Employer Value Proposition (EVP), to represent its commitment to some key concepts and to indicate the value we can offer.
At Acque Bresciane, our passion for the environment and our local area is our daily work. We take care of water, aware that it is a precious resource. We do this by putting safety first, for our people, for citizens and for the environment.

We deeply believe in environmental and social sustainability, because we want a better present and future for us, for our families and for the planet.

At Acque Bresciane every person counts! We are a company in growth and continuous improvement, and we want to grow together with our people, also through digital transformation. We promote training, innovation and the enhancement of diversity.

We are looking for people who share our passion for the environment, for sustainability, for safety. People who want to be part of our team, putting their heads, hands and hearts into it.

Our strategy and values: Every person counts!

We believe that in order to fulfil our vision, our mission and to apply the founding values of Acque Bresciane, in a context of strong technological transformation, our people are decisive and at the centre of our strategy. We aim to acquire the best skills, to motivate, involve and enhance all our people, investing in human capital and sustainability.

Our commitment to our people is aimed in particular at

  • managing cultural and organisational change towards a successful digital transformation
  • creating a place where people want to work
  • improving the experience of new recruits
  • enhancing employee skills and engagement
  • developing future leaders
  • enhancing inclusion and diversity.


These commitments, which are our People strategy, are the result of internal reflection and sharing, and are part of our Sustainability 2045 Strategic Plan. We believe it is important to communicate them externally to be transparent and recognisable.

They are a representation of our main commitments to our people, consistent with our Charter of Fundamentals and the culture we are promoting. People are at the heart of our corporate strategy, in a mix of activities, policies and projects. Commitments that are translated into periodic objectives that are constantly measured.

Some HR projects

Diversity & Inclusion
Il nostro Total Reward
Formation process
Digital Transformation
Listening Point


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Joining Acque Bresciane is just the beginning

From that moment on, a growth and career path begins, including an onboarding phase where activities and objectives are defined for the first 12 months and the digital experience offered is measured.

We provide internal and external training to increase know-how and skills.

We promote access to digital training, including e-learning, and the use of the most advanced applications to improve performance and information sharing.

We provide operators with a portal where everyone can consult company and personal documents, request leave and leave of absence and carry out all personnel management procedures. We share news, objectives and results through the newsletter and a constantly updated internal social channel.

All human resources processes are an integral part of the Quality, Safety and Environmental management system. There are staff appraisal systems in place, with the possibility of access to career paths, and reward systems for relevant activities.

Our Performance Management culture is based on the close connection between striving for results and the behaviors necessary to implement them. We believe, in fact, that it is fundamental that "our values are in the field, every day". The pursuit of challenging objectives must therefore be accompanied, we believe, by the necessary attention to behaviors in the field by managers and colleagues.

In our performance management model, the founding values taken from the Charter of Fundamentals have in fact inspired the definition of behaviors that we believe to be successful and which, described in concrete attitudes, are the subject of verification in personnel evaluation systems as well as being declined in the guiding principles of our leadership model.

We offer all colleagues a model of leadership to be inspired by, for their own personal growth and to build a positive and stimulating environment together.

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Sustainability is a conscious choice. Only through the full involvement of every person in Acque Bresciane is it possible to build a widespread culture of sustainability, both in the company and in the territory. Commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

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