“It's passion and curiosity that drive innovation”. Dan Brown

Acque Bresciane invests daily in the technological development and research of tools that allow to manage the Integrated Water Service in a more efficient and sustainable way.
In addition to the modernization of networks, plants and laboratory, the company invests in the experimentation and application of cutting-edge technologies in innovative sectors.
A privileged channel is the one started with the Universities, during 2019 Acque Bresciane has signed 7 research contracts, and a credit recovery path in "research and development". A further research contracts were signed in 2020.

The Strategic Innovation Plan, approved by Acque Bresciane's Board of Directors in April 2021, is the document that directs the company's innovation and rests on 3 levers: digital transformation, research and development, and process innovation.

Below are the main projects developed:

Smart Metering

Installation of smart metering

Acque Bresciane since July 2020 has started in the municipality of Puegnago del Garda, the experimentation of smart metering meters, that is able to detect consumption automatically and continuously.




Using WebGis cartographic software

Acque Bresciane continues with the implementation of georeferenced cartographic data regarding the networks and plants under management, contained in the cartographic database as per the guidelines of the Lombardy Region (WebGis software). The use of WebGis is also available on tablets to external operators with the possibility to consult the data of the networks.


Pollutant detections in drains

Wastewater monitoring with Kando

Acque Bresciane in March 2020 concluded a trial in the municipality of Palazzolo sull'Oglio in relation to the detection of polluting discharges into the sewerage system to prevent problems to the purification plants thanks to the use of big data and IoT technology.


Remote control

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Acque Bresciane continues with the development of remote control, which allows remote control of installations. Since 2018, the implementation of the SCADA system has also started, which allows to monitor, manage and communicate with various peripheral remote control systems of the plants located on the territory.


Satellite leak search

Satellite leak search with Utilis technology

Acque Bresciane in the 2017 and in the 2020 experienced in about 700 km of network the pre-localization of losses in the distribution network through the analysis of satellite images combined with a mathematical modeling algorithm of the Israeli patent network of the company Utilis.


Network Districtualization

Districtualization and pressure control with DDD software

Acque Bresciane continues with the districtisation of the networks (physical division of the networks into districts smaller than the municipal network) with the installation of pressure monitoring systems to reduce energy consumption.