Water Safety Plan

The Water Safety Plan (WSP) is a new approach to risk assessment and risk management that applies to every drinking water system to ensure the regular supply of water whose quality is suitable for human consumption.
Each WSP is drawn up by a specific multidisciplinary team, whose members are part of the company’s technical staff, supervising bodies (ATS, ARPA, and Local Authority Water Board) Università Milano Bicocca, Università degli studi di Brescia, and the municipalities who took part in the project.

CLICK HERE to view the Water Safety Plans of Acque Bresciane.

With the WSP we intend to show the high quality standard of our drinking water, our commitment to risk prevention and the safety of water systems.
We believe in our work. If you believe in it too, open the tap: home water is safe!

Discover the WSP presented so far to the National Institute of Health:


Discover the WSP infographic

Acque Bresciane WSP’s in 2 minutes: watch the video!