Acque Bresciane is a young company that, since its foundation, has decided to build its identity on a strong vision of sustainability. The watchword is concreteness: behaviour consistent with our values and measurement of the achievement of the set objectives. Here the interview of the route

Sustainability is a conscious choice, a business style. Only through the full involvement of every person in Acque Bresciane is it possible to build a widespread culture of sustainability, both in the company and in the territory.

Acque Bresciane adheres to numerous networks as it believes that the contamination and sharing of processes, ideas and projects on the subject of sustainability is fundamental, as well as participating in numerous events and exhibitions on the subject. Among the main networks to which the company adheres are:

Acque Bresciane in 2020 signed the "Lombardy Protocol for Sustainable Development" committing itself with its own program of commitments, composed of various actions, aimed at achieving the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, in the regional territory.

Acque Bresciane on 28 April 2021 was included among the 150 Italian companies "Leaders in Sustainability" project of Il Sole 24 Ore and Statista; the research took into consideration over 1,500 companies operating in Italy selected for having published, in recent years, their own sustainability report (CSR report) and the analysis was based on the three macro areas of sustainability: environmental, social and corporate governance.

Acque Bresciane on 10 June 2021 was awarded as one of the 20 best companies in Lombardy "L'impresa oltre l'impresa" ("The enterprise beyond the enterprise") that, with the crisis of the Covid 19 epidemic, have distinguished themselves with innovative strategies in favour of the reference territory to activate a virtuous mechanism of promotion of good practices that can be reproduced. The award, promoted by the Lombardy Region in collaboration with Il Sole 24 ORE, highlighted the sustainability project entitled: "Progetto Archimede. The thrust of water". 

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

In the European Diversity Month #EUDiversityMonth, May 2021, Acque Bresciane launches the "Every Person Makes a Difference" campaign. 
Adhering to the Utilitalia Pact on Diversity and Inclusion and to the Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work of the Sodalitas Foundation, an ad hoc internal Committee, the Acque Bresciane D&I Manifesto and a program with concrete actions for 2021 have been created, starting from training and interventions to support parenting and to monitor the gender gap. 

Acque Bresciane, in coherence with its Founding Values and People Strategy, has decided to build its identity on a strong vision of sustainability with People at the center of the strategy: for this reason the promotion of diversity and inclusion are key imperatives. For Acque Bresciane there are no differences in gender, religious beliefs, nationality, political or sexual orientation, social status, physical abilities, health conditions, family, age or any other irrelevant aspect.

The actions planned for 2021 and inspired by the Manifesto circulated to all employees, include training and awareness-raising on the value of diversity and inclusion, the creation of tutors for inclusion and ambassadors who will support the work of the Internal Committee, personnel policies on training, recruitment and remuneration that identify concrete and measurable objectives for gender reported in the sustainability report, the provision of concrete tools for parents to reconcile work and life times.

Riflessi - our magazine

Reflections reminds us of mirrors of water, the play of the sun on the glass, but also the exercise of reason. In our increasingly digital world, reaction times are practically zero. But reflection is not a waste of time. It is an inner exercise, it requires eyes and mind well opened to gather information and knowledge that can help us to have an opinion. 

This is the objective of our magazine, which was born with a very precise identity, that of Acque Bresciane, of which it will also recount some innovative projects, but with a much broader horizon: to be a place for debate, to offer ideas for knowledge, to delve into current issues. A quarterly magazine that people will enjoy reading, even those who do not work in our sector, because water, the environment and sustainability are issues that affect the lives of all of us. A rigorous product in terms of data, but understandable and pleasant to leaf through, thanks to an editorial staff of communication experts.
March 22 is World Water Day. Symbolically, we have chosen this date for the release of the first issue of this magazine. 

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Sustainability plan to 2045

This planning document, Every drop counts, sets challenging objectives over time, until 2045, when Acque Bresciane's concession will expire: 9 challenging objectives, 20 indicators that can be measured year by year and 45 activities are indicated.
The Plan was cited by the leading journal "Utilities and Infrastructure Management" as a case history of the "water sector and sustainability" 1/2021

A challenging document that traces a path and that guides the entire company at every level.

Download the Sustainability Plan 2045

Download the posters related to the 9 objectives to 2045

Download the info graphics



Acque Bresciane towards Carbon Neutrality

A long-term strategy (measure, reduce, offset), scientifically based and transparent: this is the path Acque Bresciane has chosen to achieve Carbon Neutrality and contain the increase in global temperature. This commitment started with the calculation of the carbon footprint in 2020 (scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3) and the complete offsetting of carbon dioxide emissions, reduction of emissions by 2021 by at least 40% thanks to the purchase of 100% of electricity from renewable sources with a guarantee of origin and the commitment to obtain the validation of its objectives by the international network Science Based Target initiative (SBTi). All this is reported transparently in the Sustainability Report 2020.
The carbon footprint analysis was carried out following two standards, the GHG protocol and the UNI EN ISO 14064-1:2019 standard for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and their removal. The application of these two tools allows monitoring of GHG emissions related to business activities in a year, following a transparent and standardized methodology, which defines how to conduct emission analysis and perform time comparisons.

Three projects have been chosen to offset 2020 greenhouse gas emissions, all certified with standards recognized by the United Nations, Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard, the construction of a wind farm in Turkey, the construction of a new hydroelectric plant in India and, finally, the initiative in Africa, REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) which supports forest conservation.
In calculating its carbon footprint, Acque Bresciane relied on technical advice from Carbonsink, a leading Italian company in net-zero decarbonisation and climate risk management strategies for companies. 

Ambassadors of sustainability

Our corporate community, employees and close collaborators, in fact "are" Acque Bresciane. This is why we have created the conditions for employees, temporary workers and resources with active apprenticeships to be increasingly involved in building sustainability, to have a say in the choices made by the company and to act as spokespeople internally and externally for the projects and commitments implemented in the field of sustainability.

Through a voluntary and participatory process open to all employees, we have selected 6 Sustainability Ambassadors (4 women and 2 men). They will be active from September 2021 and will each be responsible for a specific theme, in conjunction with the Sustainability Manager and corporate strategies.

To create and spread a real and modern culture of corporate sustainability, everyone needs to be involved. #Every person counts


Transparency, listening and sustainability are values and key words present in the Charter of Fundamentals of our company and, in compliance with them, Acque Bresciane engages in activities of constant dialogue and interaction with its stakeholders in order to understand their needs, interests and expectations in relation to the company's projects: industrial and/or in close connection with the theme of sustainability.

ABCommunity is the "container" of every initiative that Acque Bresciane has launched and is launching in terms of stakeholder involvement. At the moment we have gone through some stages:

  • Creation of the stakeholder map: mapping of subjects with whom constant relations have been established over time, defining the level of influence they have on the actions of the company, and vice versa
  • Creation of the Materiality Matrix for the purposes of annual reporting through the Sustainability Report
  • Appointments for information and discussion such as conferences and seminars
  • Website with immediate and transparent access to all information
  • Local physical point for the provision of services and listening to people
  • Actions aimed at organizational wellbeing and listening to workers.

A new project has been added to all these projects: the multi-stakeholder table.



The multi-stakeholder table is a permanent working table that meets 4 times a year in 2021 and is composed of a selection of stakeholders identified according to criteria of territoriality, competence, knowledge and relationship. Through a facilitated conduction, the table:

  • Involves each stakeholder in the achievement of one or more of the 9 Objectives included in the "Sustainability Plan 2045" through the proposal of ideas and projects related to the Objectives themselves and the definition of a realistic path for their realization
  • Defines the individual phases of the projects proposed and approved by the working group, the KPIs, the communication actions relevant to the projects themselves
  • Starts their co-design with Acque Bresciane that commits itself to
  • Carry them out in a defined and shared time frame
  • Identify and maintain an adequate budget for their realization
  • Report on the progress of each approved project.

Sustainability report

The reason for a Sustainability report

Environmental, economic and social sustainability is a key element of the routine activity of Acque Bresciane. It is a commitment inherent to the company’s nature. Indeed, despite the lack of a legal requirement for it, Acque Bresciane, since its inception and operation (year 2017), has decided to draw up a Sustainability report.

The goal of the Sustainability report is not only to efficiently contribute to providing transparent communication to citizens and stakeholders, but also to reaffirm a coherent company policy regarding quality, environment, and safety.


The Sustainability Report 2020
Acque Bresciane provides its Sustainability Report, not just a document to be updated year by year but a continuous process of improvement. 
Protagonists in sustainability, competent in innovation.

Sustainability Report 2020 - short version
Sustainability Report 2020 - extended version




The 2019 Sustainability report

For the third year after its establishment, Acque Bresciane has issued its Sustainability Report to illustrate its main activities, the most significant data and achievements. We believe that the commitment to environmental and social sustainability is the best response to the recent Covid-19 emergency in order to reprise all activities. The Report describes our contribution to the achievement of sustainable development goals through a constant commitment to innovation and environmental protection. The main innovations include: a sustainability strategy integrated into our business plan, more space for the vision of stakeholders (first and foremost the mayors and younger generations), an important internal company path, commitment to the challenge of climate change, and greater clarity of information.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2019 -  short version

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2019 -  full version




The 2018 Sustainability report.

For the second year running, Acque Bresciane is making its Sustainability report available so that customers and stakeholders can be informed about all company activity during the year.

The document has been drawn up in light of the "SDG - Sustainable Development Goals" defined by the United Nations Agenda 2030, according to the international standard GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the most widespread and recognized worldwide standard. The report has been examined by an auditing firm in line with the most important Italian companies and in a perspective of continuous improvement. Important challenges await us: "measuring ourselves in order to improve" is our commitment and the Report help us share it with you.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018 -  short version

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018 -  full version




The 2017 Sustainability report was a "first identity card": the best way to introduce us. The ultimate task that Acque Bresciane wants to pursue is improved preservation of the most precious resource of our planet, water, and with the Report we can illustrate how we aim to achieve this.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2017 -  short version

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2017 -  full version

For any kind of information and/or communications concerning the sustainability statement, please write to the following e-mail address:

Sustainability rating

A voluntary (solicited) path, which can be accessed only by companies that produce a Sustainability Report drawn up according to GRI international standards. The Sustainability Rating, or ESG Rating, briefly measures the company's ability to manage environmental issues, such as carbon dioxide emissions and attention to natural capital, social issues such as welfare and respect for diversity among employees, governance issues, such as ethics and transparency, and finally the distribution of the economic value generated.

The rating obtained by Acque Bresciane places it in the top bracket - share at 69.6 and refers to the data published in the 2019 Sustainability Report. The comparison took into account a sample of over 30 of the best international Water Utilities (American, British, Italian...) and places Acque Bresciane, in a three-year improvement path, already among the top 30% of BBB class or higher.

The path has led Acque Bresciane to achieve with reference to the Sustainability Report 2019 the BBB rating (on a scale from AAA to D), assigned by the specialized company Cerved Rating Agency, among the most authoritative in the sector.

Sustainability and international cooperation

The approach to sustainability, particularly with regard to water, requires a global vision. The United Nations 2030 Agenda also calls for a commitment by societies with more resources to the communities most in need: in particular, access to drinking water today is not a universally guaranteed right.

This is why Acque Bresciane and Fondazione Sipec have been working together since December 2020 to bring safe water to more than 15,000 children in Brazil, where 25% of rural schools have no sewers and 20% have no drinking water.

The three-year project "Wash in School 36" aims to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions in 36 municipal schools in Anapolis (Brazil): Acque Bresciane and Fondazione Sipec are the actors of the agreement. A bridge between Brescia and Brazil in the name of a scarce and strategic resource such as water.

The link between the territory of Brescia and Brazil has been from the beginning Carmencita Tonelini, who at the University of Brescia attended a PhD in Engineering in Appropriate Methodologies and Techniques in International Development Cooperation (DICACIM) at CeTAmb LAB and is president of the NGO 4 Elementos. Thanks to the Sipec Foundation, she has developed a system to treat wastewater in a rural school in Anapolis, where a strong contamination of the water by Escherichia coli had emerged. The choice fell on an evapotranspiration basin, an impermeable tank that represents an ecological and low-cost technology. The system makes it possible to treat wastewater, recycle water and, thanks to "good" bacteria, produce micronutrients for the plants that are grown on top of the tank, in this case banana trees that also produce food. In the 2018/2019 biennium, the Wash project affected 12 schools in Anapolis, and the latest analyses have shown that contamination, which at the start of the project affected 58% of the sites, has gone to zero.

The next steps see Acque Bresciane committed to finance the work of an environmental educator, in the educational action of children through three comics (on the topics: water, waste and hygiene) and other materials, in the supply of dispensers and soap, but also in the technical field, with the creation of an app that allows to monitor the filter management system. Together with the Sipec Foundation, Acque Bresciane will work on the rehabilitation of three springs, carrying out a feasibility study, an awareness campaign and the planting of 1,500 trees, as well as the creation of video material.

Among the partners of the initiative, in addition to the NGO 4 Elementos, are the Prefecture of Anapolis, the Cetamb LAB of the University of Brescia, Studio architectura Viva, the State University of Goias, the Federal Institute of Goiás, the Metallurgists Union of Anapolis and Aqualit saneamento.


Cesare Trebeschi Award

There are testimonies - of civil commitment, dialogue, even of faith - that deserve to exceed the space of a life, however long and fruitful. Some Brescian realities, agreeing that Cesare Trebeschi is one of them, have promoted the first edition of the Prize named after him, "The Art of the Common Good", between 2020 and 2021. The prize will be awarded to students from secondary schools in the province of Brescia, who will be asked to "meet" Trebeschi through his writings and the testimonies of those who knew him, and to communicate their idea of sustainability through photographs or videos. Not only environmental, but also cultural, with that openness to differences that the lawyer Trebeschi always indicated as the main road for the coexistence of cities and communities.

Eight promoters - Acque bresciane, Associazione artisti bresciani, Fondazione AIB, Fondazione ASM, Fondazione Brescia Musei, Fondazione Cogeme, Fondazione Sipec and Laba -, under the patronage of the Province of Brescia, the municipalities of Brescia and Cellatica, Trebeschi's hometown, and in collaboration with the Provincial School Office.

Students, who participated individually or as a class, were asked to represent the values of sustainability with photographs or videos. The three best works for the individual works section and the same number for the collective works section were awarded e-bikes and vouchers for hi-tech products for the individuals, while for the schools vouchers and educational experiences offered by the Laba Academy and Fondazione Brescia Musei.

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Glaciers. Climate change exhibition

As part of the path to sustainability, one of the fundamental elements is to spread knowledge about the territory and the impacts of climate change.

For this reason Acque Bresciane has promoted the exhibition "Glaciers", from Saturday 26 June to 24 October 2021 at the Musil in Cedegolo it will be possible to visit it, signed by the MUSE - Science Museum of Trento, enriched by sections on the territory of Valle Camonica and the Adamello glacier. The initiative is promoted by Musil and Acque Bresciane.

More information by clicking here

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Drops of sustainability in the water service

In 2020 and 2021, Acque Bresciane, in collaboration with Laba (Libera Accademia di Belle Arti di Brescia), promoted the development of a communication project to enhance the value of water purifiers, a graphic/educational project on the subject of the sustainability of water resources aimed at adolescents and the creation of an exhibition on the Circular Economy using waste materials linked to the integrated water cycle.

The collaboration stems from the desire to broaden the concept of "sustainability", linked to the water cycle and the circular economy, by involving different artistic forms (photography, fashion, design). The competition and the works will be returned by the end of 2021.

Commitment for a #Plasticfree territory: water and sport

The GimondiBike is an international mountain bike race, dedicated to the great champion from Bergamo, Felice Gimondi, which takes place in September in Iseo (BS), Franciacorta, and involves over 1,000 participants every year. 

With the support of Acque Bresciane in the September 2021 race, 8,000 plastic bottles have been completely eliminated, equal to 105 kilograms of plastic, 280 liters of oil and 140kg of CO2 released into the atmosphere. A more and more eco-friendly GimondiBike with the substitution of eight pallets of water with that coming from the aqueduct in the three refreshment points created ad hoc with fountains in Passirano, Provaglio d'Iseo and Iseo, also for drinks such as tea (cold and hot), salt supplement, mint syrup and lemon syrup. Tap water instead of bottled water: in tune with the environment and the means used by the participants.