Integrated Water Service Rates

Through the rates invoiced in the bill are covered the efficient costs of the service, i.e. the costs necessary to keep efficient that complex network of plants that make water available and safe: aqueducts, tanks, distribution networks, collectors and purifiers that, by collecting the black water from the sewers, return it safely to the environment. This system constitutes the Integrated Water Service, which the user pays only for the part that he actually uses (for example, if a purification system does not work in his territory, the relative fee will not be included in the tariff).

The tariffs are defined by the Regulatory Authority for energy networks and environments (Arera) and are homogeneous in the way they are calculated throughout the national territory, although they may vary for different territories because the costs for the provision of the service are very different for different areas of the country.
In the province of Brescia, the reference for tariffs is the Ato, the Office of territorial scope.

Rates include:

  • a fixed fee, independent of water consumption, expressed in euro/year;
  • a variable fee, in relation to water consumption, expressed in euro/mc.

Fixed fee 

The fixed fee is the part of the price, expressed in Euro/year, that you pay to have the active supply, even in the absence of consumption.

Variable quota

The variable share for sewerage and purification maintains the same value for any level of annual consumption, while that for aqueduct is divided into annual consumption bands. For resident domestic users, a first preferential band must be provided, applied to the essential amount of water needed to meet basic needs (at least 50 liters / inhabitant / day, which corresponds to 18.25 mc/inhabitant / year).

With the bill are also invoiced the tariff components defined by the Authority to cover charges of a general nature, and value added tax (VAT).

Water Bonus

The Social Water Bonus, as per resolution 897/2017/R/IDR, is a benefit granted to low-income citizens and large families or families in economic and social difficulties.

This Bonus is a measure aimed at reducing the water service expenditure equal to 50 liters per person per year, corresponding to the satisfaction of essential needs, from January 1, 2020 the rate applied to the Bonus is calculated on the entire integrated water service, i.e. aqueduct, sewerage and purification.


New Ticsi tariff articulation

The Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (ARERA) with Resolution 665/2017/R/idr. has introduced, at national level, the new tariff structure of the Integrated Water Service applied to users of the integrated water service (TICSI).
The Brescia Area Office has adopted these changes, which all territory managers must introduce, verifying the type of each user and, if necessary, updating it.


What do you have to do?
In case of home use, if your household has more than 3 members, fill in the form that will be considered for future billing.

Click here and fill out our online form, that's all you have to do.

Click here and download the paper form. You can fill it in and return it with a scan via email to sportelloonline@acquebresciane.it, inserting as the subject of the message "self-certification ticsi" or deliver it physically at our counters on the territory (see counters timetable).

Questionnaire condominiums

To communicate the updated data regarding the composition and number of components of the resident households related to a condominium fill out our online form

Request for installment of a bill with TICSI adjustments

If you have received a bill containing TICSI adjustments, you can request an installment by filling out our online form.