Sustainability statement

Why we have a sustainability statement

Environmental, economic and social sustainability is a key element of the routine activity in Acque Bresciane S.r.l., a commitment inherent to the company’s nature; in fact, despite not being a legal requirement for it, Acque Bresciane S.r.l. has decided to draw up this first sustainability statement in the knowledge that this tool can efficiently contribute not only to a transparent communication to citizens and stakeholders, but also reaffirm a coherent company policy regarding quality, environment and safety.

We are certain this is the best way to introduce ourselves; our final goal is to save as best as we can the most precious resource on the planet.

SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT 2017 -  reduced version

SUSTAINABILITY STATEMENT 2017 -  extended version

For any kind of information and / or communications concerning the Sustainability Report, please write to the following e-mail address: