Sustainability report

The reason for a Sustainability report

Environmental, economic and social sustainability is a key element of the routine activity of Acque Bresciane. It is a commitment inherent to the company’s nature. Indeed, despite the lack of a legal requirement for it, Acque Bresciane, since its inception and operation (year 2017), has decided to draw up a Sustainability report.

The goal of the Sustainability report is not only to efficiently contribute to providing transparent communication to citizens and stakeholders, but also to reaffirm a coherent company policy regarding quality, environment, and safety.


The 2019 Sustainability report

For the third year after its establishment, Acque Bresciane has issued its Sustainability Report to illustrate its main activities, the most significant data and achievements. We believe that the commitment to environmental and social sustainability is the best response to the recent Covid-19 emergency in order to reprise all activities. The Report describes our contribution to the achievement of sustainable development goals through a constant commitment to innovation and environmental protection. The main innovations include: a sustainability strategy integrated into our business plan, more space for the vision of stakeholders (first and foremost the mayors and younger generations), an important internal company path, commitment to the challenge of climate change, and greater clarity of information.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2019 -  short version

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2019 -  full version


The 2018 Sustainability report.

For the second year running, Acque Bresciane is making its Sustainability report available so that customers and stakeholders can be informed about all company activity during the year.

The document has been drawn up in light of the "SDG - Sustainable Development Goals" defined by the United Nations Agenda 2030, according to the international standard GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the most widespread and recognized worldwide standard. The report has been examined by an auditing firm in line with the most important Italian companies and in a perspective of continuous improvement. Important challenges await us: "measuring ourselves in order to improve" is our commitment and the Report help us share it with you.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018 -  short version

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2018 -  full version


The 2017 Sustainability report was a "first identity card": the best way to introduce us. The ultimate task that Acque Bresciane wants to pursue is improved preservation of the most precious resource of our planet, water, and with the Report we can illustrate how we aim to achieve this.

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2017 -  short version

SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2017 -  full version

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