Strategic planning charter

The need for a strategic charter

Defining our strategic planning means officializing the company overall strategy, specifying the main changes and challenges together with the conduct required by all. The charter is a clear guideline for all company activity and a parameter to measure the coherence of our efforts to the company goals. When Acque Bresciane S.r.l. started its operations, we felt the strong need to clearly define our “strategic planning”. In the Charter, we outlined our mission, our vision and our values which we take as guidelines for our actions and goals in future years.

Where we started

The draft of our first sustainability report generated the firm belief that the best way to represent our identity was by drawing up a Strategic Charter. No sustainability commitment can exist without a clear statement of our current and future identity and without the commitment to support the fundamental values of our actions.

The first draft was drawn up by one of our teams and was later shared by the various branch managers and then by the Boards of Directors on 27th March 2018.