Educational projects

Many news for the school year 2020-2021, both in presence and distance. To learn more and subscribe to the various initiatives download the form. Happy school year to everyone from Alex and Flow, who this year too will accompany you to the discovery of water!

Acque Bresciane strongly believes in educational projects aimed at schools and children's education. The Educational projects is one of the most important tools for actively involving students and developing greater knowledge of them on the topic of water and its conscious use.

For these reasons, educational courses, workshops, visits to plants and water resources in the area have been created with the support of professional operators available free of charge for schools that request it. The reference area is that of the 94 municipalities currently managed by the company.

The Educational projects of Acque Bresciane:

  • provides educational kit and materials
  • supports teachers in programming
  • carries out interventions and workshops in the classroom
  • organizes guided visits to some plants under management
  • supports coordination in school-work alternation projects, in collaboration with the Human Resources Office
  • carries out competitions and projects, in collaboration with higher institutes (on request)
  • assists in the selection and drafting of degree theses, and the promotion of specific thesis prizes
  • realizes events for the meeting between school and local communities

Smart Water

Smart Water is the new remote project that Acque Bresciane has decided to put in place to meet the numerous requests for lessons and visits from the Educational projects, suspended in conjunction with the Covid -19 epidemic.
For this Alex and Flow, the darlings of the comic created by Acque Bresciane have turned into a short animated footage and will explain how the water cycle works as well as accompanying us to discover many other animated films in which water is the protagonist, one way or another...
Find out by clicking on the image below.

e-mail:  - tel: 030/7714250 - 030/7714474

Blue Planet educational exhibition

The Earth, seen from space, looks like a wonderful blue planet, precisely because it is made up mainly of water. This exhibition, created by Fondazione PInAC with Acque Bresciane, accompanies visitors in the discovery of this precious and indispensable element for all living beings. With simple words and through the children's drawings from the PInAC museum archives, this path tells what water is, how it is present on our Planet and how we human beings use it.

The exhibition was designed specifically for schools and to be installed in environments not usually used for exhibition purposes. It consists of 15 panels printed on ecological material that form 5 self-supporting totems, creating a scenic and colorful three-dimensional display. On the panels the text dialogues with the images, creating an immersive dive into the blue.

The exhibition project includes two tools to support the visit: an audio guide and a visit notebook. Both of these tools are designed to explore the proposed topics in a playful and interactive way. A kit with bluetooth speaker and printed notebooks will be provided with the exhibition. The two proposed tours last about 30 minutes for the audio guide and 40 minutes for the notebook, and can be offered first one and then the other, or separately.

Planet Blue is a complete educational path to explore the aquatic world while having fun, entering a museum and an exhibition, without leaving the school!

The space needed for the set up requires an area of about 50 square meters.

For more information download the presentation