Educational projects

Acque Bresciane S.r.l. firmly believes in educational projects aimed at school and children. Working in an area of 92 municipalities and more than 300 schools, the aim of our educational projects is to actively engage the students so as to develop in the best way possible school programmes about water and raise awareness about water waste.

Water educational programmes, workshops, guided visits to our plants and to the water resources in our territory represent an engaging way to promote behaviours and lifestyles which safeguard our natural resources and to educate to the importance of such a precious resource.


The classroom is the place where every day our future is built, young boys and girls are educated, awareness and critical sense are shaped, relations and bonds are formed, the citizens of the future are prepared for a mindful life. For these reasons Acque Bresciane S.r.l. invests a big part of its effort in educational activities aimed at children, teenagers and adults.

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