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We are looking for sustainability ambassadors!

LATEST UPDATES: We have opened a new selection! Click here

Since its foundation, our company has been engaged in an activity of constant dialogue and listening with stakeholders to understand their needs, interests and expectations in relation to the projects and activities we carry out.  

Our company community, employees and close collaborators, in fact "are" Acque Bresciane and without us everything we promote would not be possible.

For this reason it is necessary to build the conditions for which employees, employees in administration and resources with active internship are increasingly involved in building sustainability, in having a voice in the choices of the company and in becoming internal (and external) spokespersons projects and commitments in this field.

To do so, we select Ambassadors and Ambassadors of Sustainability of Acque Bresciane.



Who are the Ambassadors and Ambassadors?

The Ambassador of Sustainability is an employee/ collaborator/ collaborator who feels particularly own the "mission sustainability". A woman or a man who:

  1. He knows very well what Acque Bresciane puts in the field day by day in terms of sustainability
  2. He wants to contribute to the company’s future "sustainable projects" in a concrete way
  3. Feels like its own "mission" to inform and involve first of all colleagues, but also friends and family, compared to projects, ideas and sustainable initiatives of Acque Bresciane
  4. It wishes to contribute to the creation and dissemination of a real and modern culture of sustainability.

The appeal is addressed to these people.


How does the selection work and what is offered to Ambassadors and Ambassadors?

Who wants to become Ambassador or Ambassador does it voluntarily, it is enough to apply by sending an email to by 20 May 2021 at the latest.

The people who will submit their application will be involved in a path built on several stages:

  • Participation in an initial short focus group on sustainability (June 2021)
  • Definition of a questionnaire and a survey through a second meeting to be shared internally dedicated to the issues of sustainability, knowledge of the projects of Acque Bresciane and the dissemination of a specific internal culture (June/July 2021)
  • Participation in a third short final meeting to analyze the survey data and to proceed with the appointment of Ambassadors and Ambassadors (September 2021)


At the end of the second focus group will be identified the candidates who will become Ambassadors (up to a maximum of 6 will be selected, possibly in equal numbers of women and men) who, among them, will designate the coordinator of the group.

The final selection will be supported by a team of external figures who are entrusted with the project, which will be entrusted with the evaluation of the results of the route and to which Acque Bresciane will ask to express its opinion.

  • Who will be selected will be called to:
  • Spreading projects and paths internally in terms of sustainability promoted by the company
  • Acting as spokesperson for their colleagues, through the coordinator, of new proposals in terms of social, environmental, economic and cultural sustainability
  • Play a role in the "Award for Values and Sustainability 2021"
  • Offering distance learning on similar topics (self learning method)
  • Propose and share sustainability articles through Yammer (as part of employer branding)
  • Contribute to other projects, such as that of Diversity & Inclusion by joining the dedicated committee
  • Join the CCS - Strategic Sustainability Committee by the end of 2022


The coordinator shall also:

  • He will be part of the jury of the Premio Valori
  • Will sit, from December, in the work tables in the path multi-stakeholder within ABCommunity the outdoor table multistakeholders

The most active ambassadors and ambassadors may receive special awards from the company for their contributions.