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 The Geographical Information System of Acque Bresciane and Water Alliance


Acque di Lombardia is the evolution of WebGis, the system developed to collect data on the network infrastructures of the Integrated Water Service. Created by CAP for the area of the metropolitan city of Milan, the application now contains the data of the networks of all the managers who are part of the Water Alliance network, the association of public water service companies in Lombardy, of which Acque Bresciane is a member.

It is a virtuous example of sharing public resources, with a view to savings and transparency. A single system provides access to the integrated water service networks of several territories, mapped in real time. The software platform has been completely renewed in terms of technology and interface, with the aim of facilitating dialogue between professionals, municipalities and service managers, sharing crucial data for the regional territory.

The new system, based on ESRI technology, is technologically advanced and allows for better use of data and greater operability.

The main advantages are:

  • the possibility of access for all member municipalities and supra-municipal bodies, with different level profiles
  • the possibility of access also for external professionals
  • independence of the structure from different applications
  • centralisation of data, avoiding duplication and allowing changes and updates in real time
  • the possibility of access to data at the same time, even in the same geographical areas, by several users
  • the feasibility of any analysis without risk of compromising the integrity of the information
  • simple and intuitive interfaces
  •  the possibility of access from mobile devices, to consult, interact and carry out surveys directly in the field
  • the ability of the system to interact with databases provided by third parties
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