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For suppliers, the Portal of computerized registers and telematic tenders is active.

Interested economic operators and suppliers must register on the Portal and proceed to apply for registration in the registers. The Portal identifies firms qualified to supply us with works, goods and services and is the channel of communication and information between us and accredited suppliers.

Technical Support Requests

  • Do you need technical support to register for the registers or participate in telematic tenders? See the Support/Contact section of the Portal to open a ticket to which you will receive a response within 8 business hours;
  • for emergencies open a ticket and call 070.41979. The operator will ask you to provide the number of the support ticket.


Information Requests

If you are looking for general and/or administrative information, or need clarification on the documentation required for registering for the registers, you can choose to:

  • consult the guides and manuals published on the Portal
  • fill out the Contact form published in the Assistance/Contact section of the Portal
  • contact our Purchasing and Tenders Office: tel. 030.7714530/533/273; e-mail: