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About us

Acque Bresciane is a totally public benefit company, established in 2017 to manage the Integrated Water Service as an in-house company of the Province of Brescia. Today we serve 113 municipalities and over 695,000 inhabitants.

Our mission

We manage the integrated water cycle in a sustainable way, we defend and enhance water, a precious resource. Our task is to protect the quality of drinking water, guaranteeing universal and safe access for citizens. This also means collecting and managing wastewater, returning purified water to the environment that respects the ecosystem, present and future.

Our vision

The challenges we face require a dynamic and continuously improving company model that operates effectively, efficiently and innovatively. We believe that innovation and waste reduction are the key to reconciling the local dimension and global development, creating a more prosperous and sustainable society and developing the technical and economic capacities needed to respond to climate change and limited water availability. 

Our strategy and values have been spelled out in the Charter of Fundamentals