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Acque Bresciane promossa: sostenibilità da classe AA

Acque Bresciane, with reference to the 2022 Sustainability Rating, obtained a score of 76.1 points out of 100, placing it in the small group of Water Utilities that achieved double A.

The assessment, carried out on 2022 performance by the Cerved Rating Agency, highlighted the company's ability to integrate ESG factors into its strategic planning.

In the environmental sphere, the economic efforts made to modernize network infrastructure and reduce energy consumption were recognized, with 0 percent of sludge sent to landfills and 94.8 percent of waste recovered.

In the social sphere, staffing has increased numerically, exceeding 300 people, per capita training hours are above the industry average, and corporate welfare has grown quantitatively and qualitatively.

Finally, from an economic point of view, significant redistribution toward the territory of the value generated is confirmed, at 1.24 percent compared to an average of 0.30 in the sector.