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Integrated water service: protocol for sustainable development of water infrastructure in Lombardy signed

Water Alliance - Acque di Lombardia, GSE - Gestore Servizi Energetici S.p.A and the Lombardy Region signed, on October 30, 2023, the protocol for the sustainable development of water infrastructure in Lombardy.

Signing the agreement, which is valid for three years, was Regional Councillor for Water Resource Utilization Massimo Sertori, together with the top officials of the parties involved: Eng. Enrico Pezzoli for Water Alliance - Acque di Lombardia and Eng. Paolo Arrigoni for GSE.

The protocol kicks off an institutional collaboration aimed at supporting the assessment of the "Energy Quality" of the management of the Water Alliance - Acque di Lombardia networks, supporting the sustainability of the development of water infrastructures in the Lombardy territory, enhancing the existing production assets through energy efficiency interventions and integration of renewable sources, promoting the reduction of consumption and also supporting the acceleration of investments. This objective will be pursued through the monitoring of the performance of companies' plants, support for the planning of the Ambito for the implementation of water-energy efficiency interventions and the development of production capacity from renewable energy sources, as well as information and training activities for the dissemination of energy efficiency and the same renewable sources, including through the activation of a virtual counter of

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