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Trebeschi Award, the inclusive city of youth

The fourth edition of the “Cesare Trebeschi: the art of the common good” Prize, reserved for secondary school students and named after the first citizen of Brescia who died in 2020, closed today with an awards ceremony at the Santa Giulia Auditorium.

Fifteen participating classes, two also from the province of Bergamo, produced more than 50 works: videos, printed matter, and paintings that tell of the desire for a city that leaves no one behind.

The initiative was promoted by the Municipality of Brescia, Acque Bresciane SB, Associazione Artisti Bresciani, AIB Foundation, ASM Foundation, Cogeme ETS Foundation, Sipec Foundation, Museke Foundation, Acli Provinciali di Brescia aps, Brescia Musei Foundation and Laba, Libera Accademia di Belle Arti, under the patronage of the Province of Brescia and the Municipality of Cellatica and in collaboration with the Brescia Territorial School Office.

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