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Discharge permit application

With the online, guided discharge application process, you can complete your application online and avoid filling out other forms or going to the counters. You will only need to have Spid access to proceed quickly. You can also save your request as a draft and finish filling it out later. By logging in you will also be able to view the history of requests submitted.

The procedure will allow you to:

request the admission to discharge of a utility already connected to the public sewer system; 
request a new sewer connection. 
In this case, you will be contacted for a joint inspection, aimed at determining how the connection pipe will be laid. After the inspection, you will receive the cost estimate, and only after payment we will carry out the planned works.  


You can also complete the request on behalf of other parties if you have a proxy. In this case you can log in with your personal Spid and then select the item "request on behalf of a third party" and in that section attach the correctly completed proxy.

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