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If you experience a water leak in your private network, you must immediately repair the system. By providing documentation of the internal system leak and the repair carried out, you can access a reduction in water consumption, as provided in article 1.20 of the AATO Regulation for Integrated Water Service.

To qualify for the reduction, you will need the following documents:

  • Copy of the invoice issued by the plumber;
  • Copy of the compliance declaration for the repair performed (D.M. n. 37 dated 22/01/2008);
  • Possible meter reading after the repair.

Reduction request form

How to submit the reduction request?

Write an email to attaching the form

You can request a verification of the correct functioning of the installed meter. Damaged or outdated meters are replaced free of charge. However, if the damages are caused by improper maintenance of the meter, the cost will be applied to your bill.

If the meter verification reveals errors within the range of -5% to +5% compared to the reference meter, the meter is considered to be functioning correctly.

If the verification determines that the meter is functioning properly, the corresponding fee specified by the ARERA regulations will be charged in the first applicable bill, amounting to €45 plus VAT. If a verification through a certified laboratory is deemed necessary or requested, the cost of the verification will be charged.

Meter verification request form

How to request a meter verification?

Write an email to attaching the form