Water quality

Acque Bresciane S.r.l., to safeguard the quality of drinking water in the territory of the Province of Brescia, runs daily accurate tests of the water to establish suitability for human consumption, evaluating the physical, chemical and microbiological parameters. A technical team take daily water samples from the wells and the network to be analysed in the lab on the same day.

The tests on the supplied drinking water are carried out by Acque Bresciane S.r.l. according to our self-monitoring plan in compliance with Law Decree 31/2001 as amended or added, as implementation of the regulation 98/83/CE regarding the quality of water for human consumption. The water is tested according to an analysis protocol agreed with the Local Health Authority, so as to safeguard our customers’ health.

The values shown are average values calculated on the various analyses carried out during the indicated period. In the event that the characteristics of the aqueduct involve different characteristics of water quality within the same municipality this will be indicated. Please note that some aqueducts are supplied by several sources of supply, whose mixing in the network involves variability in the characteristics of the water distributed according to consumption; some parameters resulting from the published analysis may therefore undergo changes over the season or within 24 hours.

Average values calculated on the various tests carried out in the period and territory of reference:  

Water quality municipalities west area

Water quality municipalities Valle Camonica

Water quality municipalities east area