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University and research represent a fundamental qualification point for conducting research projects aimed at process and system innovation.

The five-year framework agreement signed in 2019 with the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory, Environment and Mathematics (DICATAM) of the University of Brescia to structure and consolidate a relationship, through a management committee that meets periodically, aimed at a close synergy regarding the water resource, has continued successfully.

In 2022, several collaborations were also initiated, in particular with:

  • University of Brescia for the projects:
    • Technological and process optimisation in wastewater and sludge treatment for reducing the environmental footprint and combating climate change
    • Models for the sustainable ecological transition of the integrated water system
    • Support for the ClimADA project - Climatic and Environmental Reconstruction of the Adamello and Central Alps area
    • Activation of the advanced training course in "sustainability in the water sector" with SMAE - School of management and advanced education
  • University of Milan: 'IDROGEO LAKE' - hydrogeophysical characterisation and mathematical modelling of groundwater flow for efficient and sustainable management of groundwater resources for human consumption

 In addition, continued the research projects with:

  • Politecnico di Milano - Reuse of purified water (EU Regulation 741/2020) and optimisation and enhancement of treatment schemes depending on the source of supply and type of contaminants
  • Bicocca University - Impact of climate change on groundwater to support medium- and long-term water resource management planning