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Legality Rating

In order to promote and enhance our ethical commitment, we have applied for the legality rating. This tool was introduced by the Antitrust Authority in 2012, to promote principles of ethical behaviour in the corporate sphere, measuring respect for legality and, more generally, the degree of attention paid to the proper management of one's business.  The legality rating is awarded to companies that apply for it, after careful assessment, by the Italian Competition and Market Authority (AGCM), which has replaced the Antitrust Authority. 

This recognition takes the form of a score ranging from a minimum of one star to a maximum of three. The applicant company obtains the basic score ★ if it meets all the requirements of Article 2 of the Implementing Regulation on Legality Rating. The basic score increases with a "+" for compliance with each additional requirement among those provided for in Article 3 of the Regulation. The achievement of three '+' leads to the award of an additional star, up to a maximum score of ★★★. 


Below is the score achieved by Acque Bresciane: