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Learning process

We pay special attention to technical and regulatory updates and to the professional development of our people. Every year, with the coordination of Human Resources, we prepare a Training Plan that gathers the needs expressed by each Organisational Unit.

We want everyone to be able to enhance their skills. This is why each function has the task of managing training programmes to bridge the gap between current skills and knowledge and the tasks, assignments and processes to be managed.

Human Resources and the Quality, Environment and Safety function, but not only, promote transversal training initiatives, with particular attention to occupational safety, leadership development, and issues related to Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion.

Specific training courses for different areas and roles are also available through distance learning, thanks to the company's e-learning system Moodle.

Everyone can play an active role in their own and others' training:

- proposing training on specific topics to one's own manager

- asking their manager or HR for clarification on already active courses

- examining company courses already online and applying to participate

- carefully attending courses, taking care of registration and providing feedback

- creating training material and disseminating it to colleagues