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Attention to wellbeing: in compliance with its founding values, Acque Bresciane promotes initiatives aimed at increasing attention to personal and organisational wellbeing, the reconciliation of family and work needs and health and safety in the workplace.

Since 2017, Acque Bresciane has adhered to the Health Promotion in Lombardy project dedicated to occupational contexts (WHP - Workplace Health Promotion), in agreement with the Brescia Industrial Association and the local ATS.

The programme "Workplaces that promote health - Lombardy WHP Network" is part of the actions provided for by the Lombardy Regional Prevention Plan with reference to the objective of reducing the preventable and avoidable burden of morbidity, mortality and disability of MCNT.

The programme presupposes that a company is committed to offering its workers opportunities to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles. WHP network companies adhere to a specific programme for the implementation of good practices in the field of health promotion, in particular in 6 thematic areas: nutrition, combating smoking, physical activity, safe and sustainable mobility, combating alcohol and other addictions, well-being and work-life balance.

On the basis of the results of the questionnaires filled in by employees in the first year of the project, the internal working group, which also includes the competent doctor, the RSPP and the RLS, defined the priority measures to be implemented. These interventions concerned healthy eating and physical activity, then the fight against addiction, in particular the risks linked to the use of alcoholic substances, and well-being and work-life balance, and finally the thematic areas of the fight against smoking and safe and sustainable mobility.

From 2017 to 2022 we organized, for example:

- internal information campaigns on nutrition and physical activity and awareness meetings with external experts;
- the "Color Code" initiative to guide the choice and pairing of dishes;
- aggregating walks;
- awareness-raising intervention and training regarding the risks of alcohol and drug use by the competent doctor;
- study support for employees' children;
- communication and information campaign with corporate adherence to World No Tobacco Day;
- establishment of written criteria for the purchase of company vehicles with reference to the best safety equipment for the vehicle band;
- the "Wellness-Heart Project" was also promoted, i.e., free access to all employees over 40 years of age to a cardiovascular risk check-up to be carried out with the competent doctor.
- Food vending machines offering at least 30% healthy food and activities of the Competent Doctor;
- activity of the Competent Doctor on the subject of physical activity with awareness and minimal advice to workers;
- informational event on the subject of Defensive Driving with the "Sharing the Road of Life" Association;
- activation of a free Listening Desk linked to situations of fragility related to the COVID-19 Emergency;
- defined the Policy on "Countering Addictive Behaviors (alcohol, drugs, gambling)."
- introduced in the Main Locations specific outdoor spaces, not adjacent to entrances and windows, as the only spaces enabled for cigarette smoking. Reiterated the ban on smoking in managed facilities and banned smoking in company vehicles;
- Joined NO.WASTE (eCommerce against food waste);
- disseminated to all colleagues the opportunity to participate in 2 Training Pathways: "Additive Behaviors" and "PANDEMIA, LIFE AND WORK: WHAT HAS CHANGED."

All these Good Practices allowed the company to be WHP certified!!!

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