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Inaugurato il depuratore di Pozzolengo

Inaugurated on Friday, September 15, the Pozzolengo sewage treatment plant, expanded and modernized to be able to guarantee correct sizing with respect to the number of citizens and better quality of purification. The plant's capacity has increased from 2,500 population equivalents to 6,000, in compliance with current regulations, and the EU infraction due to undersizing has thus been overcome.


Torna 100% Acqua, offerta educativa per 113 Comuni

100% Water, the free initiative aimed at schools in municipalities managed by Acque Bresciane, is back.The range of proposals is wide and diverse: in-person lectures, plant visits and workshops, the traveling exhibition Planet Blue for elementary school and the digital platform Scuola Park, rich in content, videos, tests and games and enriched with specific materials for the civic education curriculum. Leading the way, as usual, are the characters Alex and Flow, who through their adventures tell the story of the water cycle.