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Riflessi Magazine

The word reflections, chosen as the masthead of our magazine, is reminiscent of water mirrors, the play of the sun on glass, but also the exercise of reason. In our increasingly digital world, reaction time is virtually zero. But reflection is not a waste of time. It is an inner exercise, requiring eyes and mind well opened to gather information and knowledge that can help us have an opinion.

This is the goal of our magazine, which was born with a very precise identity, that of Acque Bresciane, about which it will also tell some innovative projects, but with a much broader horizon: to be a place for debate, to offer insights, to delve into current issues. An online magazine that aims to be read willingly, even by those who do not work in our sector, because water, the environment, sustainability are issues that touch the lives of each of us. A product that is rigorous in its data, but understandable and pleasant to browse through, thanks to an editorial team of experts in communication and sustainability.

Domenico Quirico, Giovanni Storti, Fabrizio Gatti, Giulio Sapelli, Camilla Baresani, and Luca Mercalli are just some of the personalities we interviewed or asked for input.

The first issue, not surprisingly, came out on March 22, 2021.

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