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Exhibition "Pianeta Blu"

The Earth, seen from space, appears as a beautiful blue planet, precisely because it consists mainly of water. This exhibition, created by Fondazione PInAC with Acque Bresciane, accompanies visitors in the discovery of this precious and indispensable element for all living beings. With simple words and through children's drawings from the PInAC museum archive, this path tells what water is, how it is present on our Planet and how we humans use it.

The exhibition was designed specifically for schools and to be installed in environments usually not intended for exhibition purposes. It consists of 15 panels printed on ecological materials that form 5 self-supporting totems, creating a spectacular and colorful three-dimensional setting. On the panels the text dialogues with the images, creating an immersive dive into the blue.

The exhibition project includes two tools to support the visit: an audio guide and a notebook. Both of these tools are designed to explore the proposed topics in a playful and interactive way. A bluetooth speaker kit and printed notebooks will be provided with the exhibition. The two tours proposed have a duration of about 30 minutes the audio guide and 40 minutes the notebook, can be proposed first one and then the other, or separately.

Blue Planet is a complete educational path to explore the aquatic world having fun, enter a museum and an exhibition, without leaving school!

The space needed for the set-up requires an area of approximately 50 square metres. It is also possible to set it up in outdoor spaces.


For more information download the presentation