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Class activities and workshops

The educational proposal of the Acque Bresciane school desk includes in-presence activities at school: meetings and workshops in the classroom, in the auditorium, in the courtyards and gardens of the school buildings.

The meetings include projections of multimedia materials, interactive activities, discussion and comparison of the children's personal experiences with the Acque Bresciane expert, who illustrates and discusses with the children the water cycle and in particular how we use it.

The aim of the proposals is to understand where drinking water comes from, how aqueducts work, what sewers are used for and how waste water is purified.

There will also be practical workshops on both drinking water sustainability and the microbiology of purification, including with the aid of a microscope.

Preference will be given to activities to be carried out outdoors, including in the schoolyard, to see with the children what the path of water might be and imagine where the infrastructure that brings water into the school and carries away waste water is. Through discussion we will also discover how each of us can contribute to water saving.

All proposed activities are for one class (unless the school provides large classrooms or auditoriums or gyms). Each activity lasts 1.5 - 2 hours.