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Free didactic kit with the School Desk activities

Acque Bresciane offers a free didactic kit to the schools that ask for an intervention in class. A passionate and fun way to enter the world of water and the water cycle. Here is our proposal:

Water information

100% WATER

This book collects general information about water in nature and the functioning of the water cycle. Written in close collaboration with Acque Bresciane's technicians, it is mainly addressed to teachers and is characterized by a scientific and at the same time popular language, thanks to the help of illustrated tables.

Source and purification


To better convey the contents of the book 100% ACQUA, inside the kit you will find 6 posters that can be hung in the classroom. From source to purification!

The adventures of Alex and Flow


Alex and Flow will accompany you as you discover the path of water to your homes.



Alex and Flow, the favourites of the comic strip created by Acque Bresciane, have been transformed into a short animated film and will explain how the water cycle works as well as taking us on a discovery of many other animated films in which water is the protagonist, in one way or another...



A water bottle with the Acque Bresciane logo. Because we're not just thirsty for knowledge, are we?