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Online services

Not applicable - see art. 7 paragraph 3 D.lgs. 82/2005 as modification from art. 8 c. 1 D.lgs.179 / 2016. As far as the usability and accessibility of the service rendered to the user is concerned, Acque Bresciane has however activated an "On-line Desk", which allows the management and monitoring of its water supply through the internet from a PC, Smartphone or tTblet, following the path: Online Help Desk

Regulatory reference: art. 7 paragraph 3 D.lgs. 82/2005 (Digital Administration Code): "For online services, the subjects referred to in article 2, paragraph 2, allow users to express satisfaction with the quality, also in terms of usability, accessibility and timeliness of the service provided to the user and publish the resulting data on their sites, including usage statistics".