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Service Charter and ATO (Local Authority Water Board)

The assembly of the Consorzio Autorità d'Ambito (ATO) of the province of Brescia approved the Integrated Water Service Charter, which regulates the service quality standards, both general and specific, that the operator ensures to the user pursuant to ARERA Resolution 655/2015/R/idr.

With Resolution no. 3 of 8 May 2009 and subsequent revision in April 2021

The Charter represents a choice of clarity and transparency between the operator and the Users.


Regulations governing the Integrated Water Service in the Ambito Territoriale Ottimale of the Province of Brescia

In the territories in which the Integrated Water Service is active, the Regulations are binding and supersede all previous provisions, for managers, for Municipalities and for users. Any regulation pre where the Integrated Water Service has started. 

The ATO Regulation unambiguously establishes

  • how the authorisation procedure for the discharge of industrial waste water into the public sewerage system must be carried out
  • defines a single form for submitting applications 
  • specific provisions for granting exemptions from the discharge limits for industrial waste water
  • the modalities and general rules for the provision of aqueduct, sewerage and purification services
  • technical rules for the execution of service connections
  • classification and admission and authorisation procedures for discharges into public sewers
  • administrative management of the service
  • the connection charges to the aqueduct and sewerage services, as established by the ATO Board of Directors, delegated by the Consortium Assembly
  • the charges for the discharge of industrial waste water into the public sewerage system 

The objective is to make the service more functional for users, establishing equal treatment between operator and user in the reciprocal rights/duties, to promote and favour the correct and rational use of water, and finally to optimise the infrastructures used for services. With resolution n. 2 of 8th May 2009, the Local Authority Water Board for the Province of Brescia approved the Regulation and its annexes regarding the Integrated Water Service.